Decapsulated Artemia cysts are made from Bohai Bay cysts that have not broken diapause and will never hatch. The decapsulation procedure consists of chemically removing or oxidizing the outer chorion with a hypochloride solution. All that remains following decapsulation is the bright orange embryo surrounded by a thin hatching membrane. The decapsulated cysts are neutralized and are completely digestible buy the fish or shrimp larvae.
  Feed the decapsulated Artemia cysts directly to the larviculture tanks. Do not incubate as with hatching cysts as these cysts will not hatch. As a feed source, decapsulated cysts have a higher energy and nutritional value than live Artemia nauplii as zero energy is consumed in the hatching process and lipids, amino acids, and enzymes are left intact. 

Storage and Packaging: Processing of the decapsulated Artemia cysts requires dehydrated down to a moisture level of 10%. Decapsulated Artemia cysts are packed in either 454 gram vaccum cans or pouches. Also available in 10kg pails. Minimum one-year storage life.

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