Spirulina powder is a high-quality spray-dried form of this blue -green algae. It is an excellent supplemental feed for filter feeding aquatic animals and those able to derive benefit from eating algae, such as the zoel and mysis stages of marine shrimp.
Food Grade Spirulina algae, microfine.
Typical Analysis:
Protein 60% min
Lipids 4% min
Fiber 7% max
Ash 7% max
Moisture 8% max
Carotenoids 300 mg/100g
Feeding Guide:
Spirulina is commonly used as a algal supplement in larval shrimp culture. The desired amount is hydrated in several liters of seawater for five minutes, and then administered to the larval rearing tanks. The amount to be fed over a day is broken up into several feedings, possibly as many as 6 to 12 times a day. Species Stage Amount P.vannamei Z1 - Z3 2 - 4 M1 - PL1 1 - 2 P.monodon Z1 - Z3 2 - 4 M1 - PL1 1 - 2
Spirulina powder is available packaged in cases of 12 each, 454-gram cans or in fibre drum of 25kg.
This product is best stored under cool dry conditions where it can be stored in excess of six months. For longer storage, or to insure maximal retention of nutritional value, the product should be stored refrigerated or frozen. Once the container is opened, the product should be used within a short time, or stored in a tightly sealed container under refrigeration.



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