Excellent Separation
 High Nauplii Per Gram
 Super Nutritional Value
 Best Floatability

artemia cysts SPECIFICATION

Fuye Aquaculture have more than 10 brands artemia cysts for our customers in the world, our leading brand is "GOLDEN PIPEFISH". If you do not like the brand, we can make the can as your request.

The Quality Index of Artemia Cysts


 Qality Index

HATCH RATE ≥90 ≥80 ≥70
MOISTURE ≤7 ≤9 ≤10
IMPURITY ≤1 ≤1 ≤2
NAUPLII PER GRAM 240,000 min 210,000 min 180,000 min
PACKING 12 X 425g /Can (12 cans/Carton)


Keep out of direct sunlight. For short term storage, store in a cool dry place not more than 30ºC. If the Artemia cysts are not used immediately keep the container tightly sealed to prevent the contents from moisture. Once the container has been opened, use within a few days time. 
For long term storage: 
Keep frozen at (0ºC) -17ºC or below. For best results, store under refrigerated conditions between 0 °C and +5°C for up to 24 months.
If you take the artemia cysts from storage, please keep 12 hours outside, then to hatch.

Quality Approval

Our world renowned products of "Vast Sea" brand are manufactured under a Lot Certification Program whereby "Vast Sea" QC Specialists inspect each lot of harvested brine shrimp cysts throughout the production process to assure that each and every case of "Vast Sea" product meets our stringent specifications for aquaculture use, and we also comply sternly the China National Aquaculture STDS - Artemia Cysts Standard - SC/T 2001-1994
Authoritative organization Technician in China port and quality inspection certificate in advance. (i.e.: CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY BY GOVERNMENT, VETERINARY(HEALTH) CERTIFICATE BY GOVERNMENT.)